Hook & Shadow

The Premiere Digital Marketing Agency in the Catskills.

We are a collective of artists, writers, marketers, and programmers

who work for you.

Our passion and business is to use the best technology, innovative designs, and timeless business principles to bring you closer to your audience, open new profit and information channels for your organization, and give you the public facing web presence you need to compete in today's market.

  • Our Mission - Maximizing ROI for your digital marketing campaign.
  • Our Skill - Knowing or learning the best technology for your goals.
  • Our Deliverables - Digital marketing solutions for your budget.

What we do for you

We take over your project from start to finish to produce high quality web sites and applications that work right, look great, and maximize your return on your digital marketing investment.
We also provide hosting services, domain registration services, and ongoing consultation, support, maintenance, training, and content production services.
We are your best option for outsourced digital marketing solutions.

Ask about our digital marketing plans or contact us for more customized solutions.

Some of our Clients

Case studies of our services

We are a full service digital marketing agency working in Sullivan County in the Catskills. We don't just make websites. We create digital marketing tools and strategies and teach you how to use them to grow your sales.

Testimonials from our clients

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Please provide as much description as you can about your project so that we can prepare for an interview with you. How To Write A Request For Proposal (RFP) will show you how to provide us with all the information we need to draft a quality proposal for your project.


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